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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Animated Spot Film on BPL

This post is dedicated to.......... मेरा बहुत ही प्यारा दोस्त कमल कुमार खोखावत, जो अब इस दुनिया में नही है......................और आज ही उसका जन्मदिन भी है, मै ईश्वर से प्रार्थना करता हूँ, उसकी आत्मा को शान्ति प्रदान करे।
Anyway................................There are few sketches from the movie........... I hope you will enjoy. Please give your comments in the comment box. Thanks.

The team members of this Project. I really appreciate them for their hard working attitude. They worked day and night regularly through out the project.

My Work Station with few slides..........

There are few inspirational sketches, which are prepared before starting the actual production.

The key message of the spot film is “Come and utilize health care services provided for you free of cost, utilize these services at the nearest health care center” The target group is BPL, ST, Women and other privileged groups. The spot is based on dialogue between two-puppet characters- Male- Mansukhiya and Female- Putli Bai. These are the popular string puppets of the Rajasthan. I was always passionate to draw Rajasthani Characters in cartoon form as I was born and brought up in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Whatever I have seen in my surroundings I want to implement them through my creativity. You can also enjoy the interesting dance sequence during this spot film.
In this Animated Spot Film My role was as a Director, I enjoyed lot to design and animate these characters in the Rajasthani “Kaalbeliya” style.
First of all I would like to extend my special thanks to my dear colleague Mr. Vivek Sharma who came up with a wonderful storyboard and animation. I am also thankful to another colleague Mr. Gautam Goswami who designed a background for this spot film. I am heartily thankful to my two students- Abhishek Sahay and Anshul Jain who worked really hard in the whole project. I would like to extend my very- very special thanks to my all the team members like Saurabh Anand, Tejeshwar Prasad, Saumen Chandra Mandel, Shreejeet, Kaushik Lohani, Raghav Choudhary, Ankit Jain,  Hemant Kulshreshtha, Navanka Kedia, Prerna Khandelwal, Sukriti Verma, Bhawini Mittal, Shipra Khattar and Neha Saxena for their contribution. Without them I was not able to complete this enormous task successfully.
I would like to extend my very-very special thanks to the Dr. Achla Kapoor, (Associate Director- ICEA) Mrs. Sunita Toumar (Consultant-RHSDP) and Dr. Hemant Acharya (Consultant-IEC) for giving me a wonderful opportunity. Thanking you and enjoy all the images and Spot Film.
Best Regards,
Vibhuti Pandya


  1. Anonymous12/10/09

    hi jiju,
    Really feel proud to have you in my life. Wonderfull scratches.. Will love to c d spot. What is the duration of spot....
    Was waiting for this post... Keep posting your good work sir...
    Shashank Pathak
    Big927 FM

  2. Thank you so much shashank. The total duration of this spot is 120 Seconds. Enjoy.......Keep in touch,
    What is your plan for Diwali?

    Best Regards
    Vibhuti Pandya

  3. Hello Vibhuti,
    Wonderful sketches and characters!
    I would love to see the film. Is it posted on youtube?
    please send me the link to the film if you can.
    I loved the characterisation. Great work. Good cause.
    It must have been very satisfying.
    Keep in touch,
    God Bless!
    ~ Phani Tetali

  4. hii sir,
    i m happy to listen.i nw u wrkd vry hard fr ths.i want 2 congratulate 2 ur full team also tht they wrked vry hard to give a good result.i want 2 watch ths mov,is it on youtube if it is thn plz send m the address.or whn i'll cm 2 jaipur i'll watch wth u.....:)

  5. Hi Sir,
    The Sketches look very impressive. Congratulations!
    Warm Regards,

  6. sorry............this time.. I don`t have a word` describing my view`s..........but I have few line`s....that you Prooved.......
    ...OF WORDS......." i can say there is your SILENCE.......


  7. gr8 buddy., keep it up !! pls. send me a link so tht I can watch it, hurry !!congrats !!

    Prashant pandya

  8. hello sir,
    sketches r really awsome....n few sketches frm r really impressive...plz send d link of d final output of tht project...and caricature are very nice spclly d BABA RAMDEV one...
    congratzz sir

  9. Anonymous29/10/09

    Sir no new posting from long.. Waiting to c your lovely work...

    Shashank pathak

  10. hello sir

    gr8 wrk! looking forward to see the shot film!

    Best Regards,

  11. i'm late latif about this update on your blog...

    i wasn't a part of team of this project, missed alot , but somehow i was lucky to see the production & post production process..

    every body worked really really hard...
    i really appriciate your enthusiam & moral support / encouragement nature towards students..

    i wish, me & my juniors learn this too from you...

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    Its A adMirAbLe CrEAtiOn whIcH rEpReSEnTS TrAdItion Of "AApNO RaJAsTHaN" aND ReaLLY This Is A nEEd oF tOdAy, ToMMorRoW.....

    So KeEP iT Up AnD Go AhEAD....

    WaITinG fOr Next BLLLAASSTTT !!!!


    M. Rafique
    Time:04:04 A.M.

  13. anindita28/1/10

    After a long time I am scanning ur page and really its nice 2 see ur 'Mullah' series..Great work. how r u sir? how s ur family?

  14. Hello Anindita mam,
    I am fine. Thanks for visiting my blog. How r u and Banerjee Sir? Keep in touch.

    Best Regrds,
    Vibhuti Pandya

  15. Hello Phani Sir,
    Thanks for visiting my Blog.
    Definitely, I would try to upload the video as I get the permission from the Govt.
    Thanking you,

    Vibhuti Pandya

  16. Anonymous7/7/10

    hiii vibh
    gr8 work..watin 4 somthn new..
    i hv seen ur exhibtn u seems v bz dat day.
    keep movin..all d bst

  17. So creative and superb pictures. Same like this, i saw the exhibition of the Top Animation Institutes in Pune, there the animation images are fabulous. I am totally impressed with that. They showed lots of creativity in there art which is not shown anywhere. Animation should be like this. Thanks for this type of post.

  18. Thank you for very nice art work. You have been an inspiration to all who wants to start their career in Animation. Real nice gesture.
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