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Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Exhibition of Caricatures" Serene Silhouette"

A News paper cutting from The Hindustan Times on 04th May 2009 A News paper cutting from Times of India on 06th May 2009 A News paper cutting from DNA on 30th April 2009 A news paper cutting from Rajasthan Patrika on 29th April 2009 A news paper cutting from Dainik Bhaskar on 30th April 2009 With Dr.Vidhya Sagar Upadhyaya Few moment with Prof. P.N. Choyal, An Eminent sr.Painter Me & My Wife Kriti, My Daughter Heli and My Son Atharv Pandya Interviewing with the reporter of Times of India. Guest of Honor Dr. Abhinav Dinesh, Director, Birla Institute of Technology Inaugrated by Dr. Vidhya Sagar Upadhyaya An Eminent Artist Well, after long time I could get the time for posting some new stuff. Today I am going to publish few more photographs and newspaper cuttings of my recent exhibition of caricatures, which was held at Sukriti Art Gallery, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur from 28th To 30th April 2009. The entire caricatures have been prepared on the current issues and completed within 15 days of time frame. Overall around 52 caricatures were displayed in the art gallery. That was really a great experience, wonder & miracle for me to complete this enormous and incredible task successfully.
“Serene Silhouette” means composed figure with outlines, I generally use lines, curves and shapes to create a caricature. It is so much fun to exaggerate the features of people, friends, political leaders, Indian gurus, eminent artists; film stars, criminals etc. distort their faces and make them look funny. I do not add any satire on anybody because it goes out of the limits of cartoon area that may hurt anybody personally. I do not want any controversies, it is neat and clean humor, just for everyone’s enjoyment. For me it is feature of personality or the subject which inspire me to make a cartoon out of it. I have made a series on expressions of Lalu Prasad Yadav and Dr. Man Mohan Singh, but I have not lost any sense of delicacy.
This exhibition was dedicated to Sri Satya Sai Baba, Who gave me so much energy and blessings during I was working for the exhibition.
I would like to extend my special thanks to Mr. Gautam Goswami and Mr. Nitin Jain who spent their so much time to apply all the necessary arrangements like photography, encouragement, Publicity, coverage etc. ……..And very special thanks to Mrs. Neerja Sharma and Mr. Rishi Pandey for helping me to identify the title and designing invitation card, Banner, Boucher etc.
I would like to thanks to Mr. Mukesh Salvi, Mr. Abhishek Sahaye, Mr. Anshul Jain, Mr. Dinesh Sharma, Mr. Amit Dube, Mr. Shrijeet, Mr. Bhaskar and Mr. Koushik Lohani for displaying all the caricatures, gallery decoration, distributing the invitation cards and press related work, without them I could not complete my task successfully……..really appreciative.
I would like to extend my special thanks to my colleagues Mr. Vivek Sharma, Mr. Manish Chowdhry, and Mrs. Rishika Sharma for motivating me always.
I am grateful to my Father Dr. Jyotipunj, Mother Mrs. Manjula Pandya, Brother Geetansh Pandya and my wife Kriti Pandya who encouraged and supported me whole-heartedly throughout this project.
………….and lot of thanks to the media persons for advertising & promoting this event through the FM Radios, News Papers, and the News Channels etc.
Thanking you,
Vibhuti Pandya


  1. shashank pathak7/5/09

    Great Job done boss..
    "Throw your heart into the game and the rest will follow."
    ~ Mike Jones

    Kudos to the initiative. Its a beginning. Great collection and preparation in short span of time.

    Shashank Pathak

  2. Anonymous7/5/09

    fantastic,fantabulos,extremly incredible task, u have performed.we really proud of u.Go ahead PANDYAS go ahead !!

    wid best regards,

    prashant pandya

  3. usually i always 've alot to say, but this time perticularly company of Vibhuti sir during three Days Of Exhibition,make me understand Some really important lessons of Life & Career,& gives a stability to my mind,
    it gave me a idea that how nicly & silently great Artists work, & how Humble And Dedicated, they are in their profession.i'm Really Greateful to God for showering his Blessing in Form of A True Teacher & A True Artist Too.

    Best Wishes
    Nitin Jain

  4. Anonymous7/5/09

    heartiest congratulations on the great success of the show....

    n thank u very much....for inspiring us through ur works, words, teaching n for everything...

    m proud to b ur student...!


  5. My Dear Ankoo. My heartly congratulations for ur this exelint work. keep it up. Junior ankoo is very cute give my love to him.
    Dr. Kunjan Acharya

  6. gr8 work

    all caricatures were amazin ...keep rocking.....

    best regards
    utkarsh dixit



    -Let our aim for tomorrow be higher than achievment of today.

    ********** really ***********

    Zakk..aa...sssss! yaar...

    GoOD LuCK,


  8. shruti janu20/5/09

    AWESOME work sir! I am so disheartened that I missed it.
    There's always next time though :)

    Bestest regards :D

  9. Thanks for posting this, Vibhuti.
    It's really great to see your work, and all the coverage it got.
    You are an excellent artist and a dedicated academician, and I wish you all the best in your future work.

    Please keep in regular touch,

    Warm Regards,


  10. areee maaai baap phood ke Rakh di ma kasam..super solid work man, you are all over, Congratulation and Kudos..

    Baal Kahan gaye..sirf Bacchhe reh gaye..!!??

  11. Anonymous17/7/09

    Hey bhaiya....congratulations...thank you for sharing this with us....great work....Chetan Manral Dwivedi

  12. really fabulous achievement i remember "god help those who are brave enough to help" . you hv showed braveness and created a milestone for followers............your apreciator.....

  13. Dear all,

    Thank you so much all of you for appreciating me and my work. I hope there will be some more events like this in the near future. Once again thanks a lot.
    Best Regards,
    Vibhuti Pandya

  14. First of all hello to you
    Lots of appreciation to your strong and continuous contribution to the world of art.
    your creativity and fine picturisation is wonderfull.
    keep it up and create more milestones.
    .....ATUL SHARMA

  15. Anonymous13/11/09

    awesome work... hats off

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  17. i m lucky.
    because i m student of vibhuti sir.

  18. sir realy great...... no more words to explane...n m realy lucky sir.

  19. soniya28/3/10

    Dedication alwaz works...
    here is the example of same...keep ROCKING..keep GROWING...ALL D BST

  20. Hi Ramesh,
    I am searching an artist who can draw Caricture for my book.Can you help me?
    mobile 9950557249 (Jaipur)