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Monday, July 7, 2008

Concept Note on Animated Spot Film

Currently, I am working for animated spot film on BPL with the Health Ministry of Rajasthan. The key message of the spot film is “Come and utilize health care services provided for you free of cost, utilize these services at the nearest health care centre.” The target group will be BPL, ST, Women and other privileged groups. Giving this message through animation will make the spot interesting for this otherwise dull and boring subject of socially publicizing the public health care delivery system. A serious message can be given in an entertaining manner through Animation. People of all age groups enjoy watching animation. The spot film may be of 40 to 60 sec. duration, in color and in Hindi Language. But the background and culture of Rajasthan will be reflected in the spot. The spot will be utilized for telecast through Doordarshan, and will also be shown during film shows, media and other outreach activities. The spot will be based on dialogue between two puppet characters- Male- Mansukhiya and Female- Putli Bai. This is the popular string puppets of Rajasthan. I was always passionate to draw Rajasthani Characters in cartoon form because I was born and brought up in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Whatever I have seen in my surroundings I want to implement them through my creativity. You can also enjoy the interesting dance sequence during this spot film. Here, I am posting few inspirational sketches of this spot film. You are always welcome to give your kind suggestions.

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